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Looking Forward to the Future

Last year when I started this blog I have big dreams and high hopes of where I wanted to grow this blog. I have taken some time to refocus and recharge, all while praying about the direction I want this to go with Barefoot In Grace. I have had to take some time to stop and give myself grace, focus on myself and family. I have taken some time to truly live because I got caught up in all of the normal everyday things that I forgot to breathe. I was stuck in this cycle of just trying to get by. 

I love the days where the world is just right and it causes me to stop and be grateful for all of the people in my life that mean to most to me. I needed more days where I watch the sun hit the lake, I needed more walks down the street, and I needed more laughs and giggles with my daughters. I needed to stop and truly be grateful for all that God has done in my life, rather than just struggling to get through my days. I needed to take time to find the fire for life again and truly feel it in my soul. 

I have always just wanted to be honest with my walk in faith and family, along with my struggle with depression and anxiety. I have always heard that you can't pour from an empty cup, meaning that you can't take care of your loved ones if you aren't taking care of yourself. By not taking the time to take care of myself, I was moving away from my goal rather than toward it. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to slow down and as

disappointed as I was, I had to put my blog on hold for six months. I'm finally back and ready to go on this journey!

The past few months have been really eye-opening to me, God has placed the right people in my path to help me with this journey. I have had the reminder to slow down and be still, no matter how impatient of a person I am. It's not up to me, Its all in Gods timing. I think not getting our blessings fast enough frustrates us because we forget that its all things in HIS time. Then after we received our blessings, we forget to praise God! 

It's so amazing of how God grabs ahold of your life things can change, sometimes in a matter of hours. It's amazing how you can wake up and be in love with life again. I have been afraid to be happy before because I am always afraid something is going to happen but I have learned that sometimes the best things happen in life when you are dancing in the rain. It prepares you for what's ahead so you can better appreciate the blessings in your life when they arrive in HIS time. Sometimes your blessings come when you least expect it, possibly after you have given up all hope. I am going to tell you today, that your blessing is coming. Sometimes your blessings can be small like talking to an old friend or huge like landing a brand new job but they can be equally life-changing. I encourage you to look for big and small blessings in your life because they are all around you. 

I think that we could all use some time to stop and think, enjoying the small moments of our lives like hugging someone that we love with all of our hearts or laughing with friends until you cry. It's in the small moments when you find the healing that your heart needs and the love that your soul craves. In our world of social media, we forget about a real, authentic connection with another person, whether it be a special someone, your children or a best friend. Make time for dancing in the rain and enjoying the beauty in the rainbow after the storm, because the clouds over your life will part and the sky will clear.
As for my blog, I never meant for it to become all book reviews and no blogs. That is changing, I would like to post at least once a week, along with the inspirational quotes on social media. I also want to blog our journey this summer with growing our plants and flowers, making fun memories like its 1990's again and fun ideas to make this the best year yet! I am looking forward to sharing my journey of faith and family.