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February Book Review

February Book Reviews
Taste and See by Margaret Feinberg
Illuminated Bible Art Journaling Edition by Crossway
Made for This 40 Days to living your purpose Jennie Allen
The Bright Lift - Jen Wise

The Bright Life - Jen Wise
I first have to say that I love the color of this book, I love the cover its so bright and attractive. I love
that the pages have splashes of color on them. I love how it is broken down into days so you aren't overwhelmed at all of the life-changing information that this book contains. I like how she reminds us of Jesus throughout the book, like when she is asking you why you don't get enough sleep, she then reminds us that Jesus slept during a storm. I love how she weaves her story in and out of the book along with the advice she is giving you about handling your stress in a more holistic manner. I think that this book would be a great book to have along with a journal to use every few months to see how far you have come using her advice during the 40 days. I received this book from the publisher but all thoughts are my own.

ESV Illuminated Bible, Art Journaling Edition
This is such a beautiful bible, I have the green and gold version. The gold is stunning and makes the perfect bible to leave out on the table! The paper is thicker than a regular bible making it perfect to journal on.  The text is easy to read considering its not a large print bible with the 9 point font. The 250 hand-lettered verses and the illustrations are incredible in the gold designs. It is the English Standard Version which is an amazing translation of the bible. I love this bible, I would recommend it to anyone! I received this from the publishers but all thoughts are my own.

Taste and see by Margaret Feinberg

I Love how she asks and invites you to taste faith. It helps you on a different level of experience and understanding. I needed nourishment in my soul that I didn't even understand until reading This book. She shares to help you understand how good God is in our lives in a way you can understand. I love how she has included recipes throw out the Book. I Love to bake bread and that was my favorite Chapter in the whole book. This book is wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone that loves to cook. I received this book from the publishers. 

Made for this - Jennie Allen
This book is amazingly inspiring! I am so excited to have this book to help me find my purpose in life. She asked you challenging questions that really cause you to dig deep within your soul to find the answers to. It is a great way to help you find what your soul wants and needs with scripture perfectly woven around it.  It's perfect for small daily readings that makes it easy to squeeze in. Take this amazing journey to find your purpose you won't regret it! I received this book from the publishers but the thoughts are my own