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End of the Year Book Reviews

December 2018 Reviews

Remember God. Annie F Downs.
Have you ever been in a place where you feel like you need God but he just isn't there? This is the perfect book for you! This book is amazing because it helps you realize that God is in control even when it doesn't feel like he is when life isn't going anywhere near the way you thought it would. Its truly like setting down and talking to her in person and she is telling you her story. I recommend anyone that is struggling to take the time to read this book.  I received this book from the publishers.

The silent noisy Night.  jill Roman Lord
My daughters have loved this book this month! The illustrations are beautiful, she has used different colors and fonts for the words are noisy which makes for wonderful word recognition for younger children. It is an adorable children's book about spreading the love and good news of Jesus while reminding them what the real reason for Christmas is, Jesus Christ.  This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for any child. I loved this book! It will become a tradition in my household!  I received this book from the publishers.

Courageous Creative by Jenny Randle
I love this 31 day interactive devotional to encourage you to become more creative! Its less of a book and more of an experience that draws you closer to God in the middle of the journey. She helps you get rid of any excuses that you can't be creative by walking you through it, she even included a commitment contract that you will finish this book along with an accountability partner! You start off with a short creative quiz to help you and then she lists 50 ways to be creative sparking your creativity and thought process! Within every chapter, she makes sure to mention our great Creator so the journey this book creates makes you closer to Him by working on your current relationship with God. This book is packed full of tips and tricks, maps to help your creative process, pictures to color, and simple biblical truths all while lined with scriptures throughout. My daughter loved this book so much that she wants to do it with me again during the new year! It has helped us be more creative and draw closer to God all while helping our mother-daughter bond. This book is incredible! I recommend it for anyone that wants to be more creative in their journey of faith!
I received this book from the publishers.

The Minimalist Home. By Joshua Becker.
This is a wonderful book to read before the New Year! It is a great book to start the new year out with if you have goals of having "less". This book truly walks you through everything especially if you are starting out on your minimalist journey. The author walks you through the Becker Method, which is setting goals and living minimal on purpose for short. I love how he encourages decluttering the living room and making it an us room. He even includes a section about patience! This is a wonderful read for anyone just starting out on their journey! I received this book from the publishers!

Basics for Believers
D. A. Carson
This is such a wonderful study to understand Philippians. I love that the first chapter is "Put the Gospel First", he reminds us that we are very much influenced by the culture around us. I think that it was eye-opening the way he explained the three dollars worth of gospel, I hope that you will read the book to find out what that means. Moving on to the next chapter he tells us just what the Cross means and what it looks like to God and he wraps the book up by reminding us to never give up on the Christian walk. He reminds us to be around like-mindedness with true believers. He truly gets us back to the basics and reminds us of a deeper insight on topics not often talked about. I think that this is a wonderful study and will be one that I pick up time and time again to dig deeper because every time I look back I understand the author's words in a different way further opening my eyes. I received this from the publisher.

Unwrapping the Names of Jesus by Asheritah Ciuciu. This is such a beautiful book, my only wish is that it would have come before Christmas so I could have enjoyed it during the Christmas season. This beautiful little book is packed full of exciting things, she starts off explaining why we celebrate Advent. That is very helpful to someone that hasn't celebrated before. It helps you understand everything that you need to know like why we light candles, prayers to pray during advent and so much more. Its broke down into four weeks called hope, preparation joy and love. I love that this is family devotional, which makes it even more special when my children can be involved! I can't wait until next year to see how it impacts our Christmas season! I received a copy from the publishers.

The year of restoration by John Eldredge. I am so excited to be starting my year off this week with this book! This is a beautiful book with a wonderful hardcover, its small enough to be carried around with you in a bag or purse. I love that the days are labeled, rather than starting day one it starts January 1st. This book truly walks you through a year of restoration beginning with a fresh start by listing your new year's resolutions making this the perfect book for anyone to have a fresh start they need. It will make a lasting impact on anyone that reads it, making it the perfect gift for the new year.
I received a copy of this from the publishers.