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November Book Reviews

Bless your Husband- Angela Mills

Have you ever wanted to bless your marriage a little more but didn't know where to start? I have just
the book for you, Bless your Husband by Angela Mills!  I love the helpful advice she gives you without sounding too harsh, it's like getting advice from your best friend. She gives you prayers to pray and meditate, thought-provoking questions to think on and wonderful ideas to make your marriage a little bit better. I think this book is a must read for any wife! She gives you the encouragement your heart and soul need in times when its hard to find it. Sometimes choosing to love your husband can be very difficult and challenging but her ideas make it very simple and easy to apply to your life. At the same time following the journal prompts and ideas not only will help your marriage but it will help you grow in your faith as she pulls you in closers to scripture. I received this book from the publishers but the thoughts where my own.

The Heaven and the afterlife collection By James L Garlow and Keith Wall

I think that its human nature to wonder what happens in heaven and the afterlife.  The Heaven and Afterlife Collection is the book for you if you have ever wondered what its like on the other side. Its a collection of stories from people that have first hand had near-death experiences but lived to tell their stories. It gives you biblical answers to common questions like what is heaven like or will we know people when we get there?
When I see this book on the list, I was intrigued and knew right away I wanted to review it.  This book is a collection of stories from people that thought they had visions of heaven or hell during their near-death experiences. Some chapters are heartwarming and beautiful others are to me were quite terrifying.
It is a big book and did take me quite a while to finish, I think that the authors stayed very close to what scripture says but as for everything you can give it a read for yourself. I enjoyed it greatly and if you are also intrigued by these things I think that you will too!

Silencing Insecurity

Are you like me and battling insecurity?  I have a wonderful book recommendation for you, Silencing
Insecurity by Donna Gibbs.  I think that we all too commonly know about Insecurity, as it seems to be human nature. Within the first chapter, she gives relate-able examples of insecurities that we all may feel especially as young adults. I love her comparison to a noblewoman in Proverbs 31 and how her beauty comes from the Lord, not what she does or doesn't wear!
 The Freedom questions are outstanding! Its the perfect way to end the chapter by tying everything together into the questions that truly get you thinking about your underlying insecurities.  Then she equips you with approaches backed by scripture to silence those thoughts of insecurities!
I answered yes to the questions more times than I can count, this book is about healing and freedom from the things that weigh you down.
She has it broken into three amazing sections Part one is the Identity thieves, Part two is Unnecessary problems, and part three is The necessary Secret.  Out of all of the parts in the book, I related the most with Unnecessary problems.  I love how she starts out part two reminding you that Satan is a liar and an accuser. We sometimes forget that when we are knee deep in situations that makes us feel like there isn't a way out. I love how she looks at thought patterns and ways of explaining the thinking of how we rationalize being insecure.
She wraps the book up well talking about freedom and wholeness, which are found from the Lord. She gives biblical examples to help you understand more about freedom from a biblical point of view.
I think that this is a great book for any women to read, it has helped me tremendously to reevaluate the insecurities that I have in my own life.
I was sent this book by the publishers but the thoughts are all my own! 

Thirsty For More Allison Allen

I have had this book for a little over a month, It has truly touched my soul. I have kept going back and referencing it many times during my bible study time because it really sparked something in my soul. I think that we all go through seasons of dryness that leaves us thirsty for more, but we don't know what to do to cure it.  That is where Allison's Beautiful Book comes in! I honestly adore her honesty in the book following her own journey, it is like hearing your best friends story speaking right to your heart.  She walks you through the journey of biblical men and women leading me to want to dig into the scripture she was referencing making this book such a deeper more meaningful read than others.
One of the things that stood out most to me was on page 93, she is talking about Jesus. "Whenever I think of the tender touch of heaven, I immediately see Jesus' hand outstretched to me."  Wow! Did that touch my soul right then and there, I had never thought of it like that. She follows it with a scripture from Matthew. I grabbed my bible right then and started reading that Chapter in the Book of Matthew because the way she worded it, gave the chill bumps.
The amazing wealth of knowledge this book contains in incredible! I love her uses of scripture, she even references what words mean in Greek further explaining what the scripture means on a new level! This book is perfect for a bible study group to read, or for anyone that's wanting to dig a little deeper with there faith! If you are in a desert season this book is perfect, I am finding myself the older I get more thirsty for Christ. I found myself hanging on every word that she wrote wanting for the next reflection of my soul she was going to give me. Thirsty for More is Truly Life Changing if you let it be.
Allison wrote this book from her soul, led by the Holy Spirit to help others! Let it help you today!

I received this book from the publishers but the thoughts are my own.

Lies Me Believe- Robert Wolgemuth 
I wanted to read this book so I could better understand some of the things my husband goes through, maybe help him on his walk in faith.  I think that this book is a great approach to teaching men how to be more of a Godly man and think less about what he wants to do and more about what needs to be done. We live in a day and time where everything is about what makes you feel good. It tackles issues men face head-on like marriage and family, sin, work and money and so much more. I love that there is scriptures throughout the book to help men understand in what ways the subject reflects the Bible. I received this from the publisher but the thoughts are my own! It's a great book and every man needs to have this on his book shelve!

The Ministry of ordinary Places by Shanna Martin
I love following Christmas Bloggers but when they become authors I am even more inspired! This book is wonderful for any season of life, it's a beautiful reminder to bloom where God has put you! Her book is a beautiful reminder that holiness comes from all things, even small things. If you are looking for a book to touch your heart this one is the perfect one for you! She gives us the encouragement we need to see everyday life so much different! I received this book from book look bloggers but the thoughts are my own.

The Infographic Bible By Karen Sawrey
I honestly got this book without knowing much about it, I wasn't sure what to expect but I was honestly surprised when it arrived and it wasn't a bible. It was nothing like what I had envisioned in my head, I have never seen anything like it.

She turns the Bible into the "big picture" of the Bible into actual pictures which is a wonderful thing for visual learners or anyone wanting to add a visual component to there bible study. There is so much to learn from this book, Its packed with knowledge. the topics included are broken relationships, a rescue plan, Jesus coming, starting over and so much more.

I received this book from the publishers but the thoughts are my own!

Whos Your Daddy? Lisa and Missy Haper

This is a beautiful cheerful book that will help any young child deal with the bigger question in life. This book is well written on such a sensitive subject and is wonderful for any child that has an absent father for one reason or another. I think that she explained worldly parents and Daddy God wonderfully, she ends the book a parent connection and scripture! This book is wonderful for every child to read even if they aren't going through the loss of a parent but to help them understand the situation of other children. I love how she explains the wonderful things about Daddy God like imagining him with his arms wrapped around us to keep us from feeling sad. I received this book from the publisher the thoughts are my own!

The Story Of Redemption Bible

This is a beautiful ESV translation that takes you through Gods plans throughout history. I love how it leads you through the story for start to finish.  With 900 notes scattered throughout the text and book introductions at the beginning of each book make it easy to learn as you are reading the bible.  I love the reading plans in the back of the bible to help you read through the Bible in a year. The maps and illustrations make it easy to learn.

The cover is hard and sturdy and it lays mostly flat for writing. The dust cover is cream with gold but the cover is black. I wish they would have put the gorgeous design on the bible cover and not just the dust cover.

I received this bible from the publishers.

Pink Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible By Thomas Nelson

I think that the cover is pretty!! It is the ICB and is easy to read and is the perfect size for little hands to carry! I love pages in the back of the bible it gives the names of Jesus, The Miracles of Jesus, and even kids in the bible. The maps are full color and beautiful. Scatter throughout the bible there are little-colored pages that teach you how to pray, knowing Jesus better,
I greatly dislike that the pages are so thin, you can see the text from the other pages shadowing through which is hard on little one's eyes. Which honestly gives me a headache trying to read. In the book of Obadiah in my book the pages are messed up, they were crumpled up and folded. When unfolded they hang over the edge of the book making it look unappealing. It's a great stocking stuffer this year, but I am a little disappointed in the bible because it wouldn't make a very good gift on its own.

I received this bible from the publishers.