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NIV Journal the Word Bible For Women

 NIV Journal The Word Bible For Women!

I have had this bible for almost a month, I have taken the time to really soak up the journaling prompts and read further into it before I did my review! I love how you can put pen to paper and dive deeper into Gods word. 
The beautiful cover has "My soul finds rest in God" (Psalm 62:1)My soul finds rest in God" (Psalm 62:1) written on the front with beautiful flowers on in red and gold.  It is cloth overboard and lays flat while journaling and reading, which is a wonderful thing so you are not fighting with your bible while taking notes.  I love the Comfort Print font that is easy to read even with tired eyes with the 9.9 comfort print! I love that the words of Jesus are in red! It makes it so easy to understand what I am reading, and know that it is Jesus speaking. 
Sometimes I am having a hard day and I have no idea what I want to journal about with over 500 prompts and the subject index to help lead your heart to Gods word. I think that I get writer's block while I am trying to set down with my bible and think of what to write, these prompts help me greatly to dive into the word of God. It gives me a place to start to let my thoughts flow out and on to the pages. 
I love the room this bible has to write your thoughts and bible study notes. A lot of the times you think of you of art and pictures but this bible will take you on a spiritual journey of faith that you can look back on and see how far you have grown. 
Aside from these great features, this bible is amazingly beautiful. It would make a wonderful gift for any women on your Christmas List. 
I received this bible from the publishers but the thoughts are my own.