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(In)Courage CSB Devotional Bible

(In)Courage CSB Devotional Bible

I have a wonderful bible I want to share with you all, I have many bibles that I adore this is my third
CSB bible but what caught my attention is that is a devotional Bible, sometimes when I am struggling with something I want to just pick up my bible and read but I don't know where to start this Bible is the perfect road map for those days and any days in between when I just don't know where to start.

I love everything about this bible, I love how comfortable the Leathersoft Blue cover is to hold in your hand, the cover is so soft and beautiful. The accents on the cover are beautifully embossed on it, the silver letters perfectly compliment the color. The bible has 2 ribbon bookmarks, they are a beautiful white silver and a matching blue cover! I think that having two bookmarks is an amazing touch! It lays flat perfectly making reading it so easy. They are beautiful braided and unique compared to other bible bookmarks. 

When you first open the pages after the table of contents it starts with how to read the bible and how to set your self up to succeed. That is a wonderful thing for a newer believer and younger readers.   It goes in detail about Gods story of redemption, which I adore because our God is so amazing! 
I love how they included women of courage in this bible, I think as women we really need to learn about the amazing women in bible getting to know how God has touched her life the same way he will touch ours.

I love how the journaling space is at the bottom of each page, it makes the Bible not as wide which
makes it easier to hold, carry with you and just snuggle down on the couch and read early in the morning or while your wrapping up your night. I love that the journaling space is lined so I can write my thoughts and prayers then come back to it later to see how I have grown in faith. It's something that my daughters can look back on when they are older as well. It will become a family keepsake. 

I know this sounds odd but I love how they included the devotional in the right book Bible, the Psalms devotional is found in Psalms rather than somewhere else. I have had many bibles that were different you have to flip to a
completely different book for the devotional making it harder to study for having to flip back and forth so often while studying. The pictures of quotes are in the same chapter as well, so you can study and journal on the same page and the quote. The pictures are so pretty that I am sure they will spark something in your heart to make you want to journal in your bible. 

I love how they set up the introduction of each book of the Bible,
they start our with helping you understand the author's heart, they want you to connect with Gods story and then how it connects to your story which I think is amazing!  They also include which devotional ready plan is in that chapter, which is amazing in case you are reading the Book and find a devotional you love you can quickly flip to the back of the bible when you're done and follow along with the next devotional. 

I love the ten reading plans, the current one I am reading is Beautiful Brokenness and then I am going to start Daily Grace. I love how they include 'meet the women' of the reading plan you're reading, so beautiful brokenness includes Leah, Naomi, and a few others along with the page numbers. I love the women of courage index so you can study one the women of the Bible easier, rather than having to try to figure out where they are yourself. My other favorite of the index is the topic index, I love that they included this because if you are wanting to
read about something specific or you are looking for uplifting if you are feeling sad.  

This bible has 312 devotionals from 32 writers to help inspire and uplift you, 10 reading plans, 66 reading plans, stories of courage from 50 women of the Bible, journaling space, two column text, themed verse, and a special presentation page. The bible is a CSB version which is currently my favorite version, this is my third one of this text. It is not a red letter but that doesn't bother me too much as I can always reference back to another bible. 

I think this bible is wonderful, It will make a great gift for anyone in your life. I did receive this bible from the publisher but I was interested this as soon as I saw it was released. I appreciated Hollman for sending me a review copy! I think that you will love this bible! 

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