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(In)Courage CSB Devotional Bible

(In)Courage CSB Devotional Bible
I have a wonderful bible I want to share with you all, I have many bibles that I adore this is my third CSB bible but what caught my attention is that is a devotional Bible, sometimes when I am struggling with something I want to just pick up my bible and read but I don't know where to start this Bible is the perfect road map for those days and any days in between when I just don't know where to start. 

I love everything about this bible, I love how comfortable the Leathersoft Blue cover is to hold in your hand, the cover is so soft and beautiful. The accents on the cover are beautifully embossed on it, the silver letters perfectly compliment the color. The bible has 2 ribbon bookmarks, they are a beautiful white silver and a matching blue cover! I think that having two bookmarks is an amazing touch! It lays flat perfectly making reading it so easy. They are beautiful braided and unique compared to other bible bookmarks. 
When you first open t…

2018 Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule! -

2018 Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule!I will update with the schedule as it becomes available!
Wishing You the Merriest Of Christmas! Happy Holidays!

All of the movies are Eastern Time & subject to Change.  

Before I Go. The Final teachings of Jesus.

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Today I woke up in a "fog", have you ever felt like that? I am not sure if it was just not feeling well or I was having "one of those" days dealing with depression. Although I am doing so much better, those days still creep up on me. I decided today that I wasn't going to let it control my day, my husband was off and I just knew I wanted to have a nice day at home. In efforts not to let the "fog" of depression control me, I set down with the bible study "Before I go" By Sara Knoontz. I had been over it a few times before, but I looked at the scriptures on my phone rather than opening my bible. I am more of a technology person but I am finding my self-craving more books and fewer screens. Today when I set down with my bible, my eyes missed the book of John in the table of contents. I found John 1, John 2, and John 3 but somehow my brain missed John. I felt myself growing frustrated because I was…

Finding Joy In a Mediocre Life

What if I only want a simple life? What if I only want a mediocre life, full of small moments that make your soul happy.  We live in such a busy world full of technology, screens, and less connection while we are more connected than ever. 
I am like many, I have a horrible confession. I tried to "keep up with the Jones" and that only ended in a heap of debt and myself wondering who in the world the Jones were? I was suffering from depression, lacking true joy and connection all because I was trying to live above our means because it was what was expected in our overly "pinned" world. I have been overall depleted from the things I needed trying to chase the things I wanted. It left me not ever thinking that I was enough or that I was doing enough.   God has opened my eyes to so much the past few years but more so the past few months. The world is such a noisy place, what do you do if you crave simple and quite. What happens if you don't want to have a Pinterest…

October Book Reviews

October Book Reviews Fully Alive, 
As I have gotten older I enjoy reading more, I enjoy reading mostly books that would help me grow my faith. I like to review them so others can enjoy them as well! I don't want my blog to become all about book reviews so each month I am going to do one post and update it frequently about books! that way they are all in one place and easier to look for! The links in the reviews might contain affiliate links, which doesn't change the price of your product but will help me continue my blog! Thank you all!