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Letting Go of Fear

I think that we get so used to being stuck by strongholds that we forget to actually live. My anxiety is horrible some days, I honestly don't feel like I can do much besides just being alive. Sometimes I over analyze a situation other times I am going over unreasonable fears inside my head. Even though I know realistically that none of it would ever actually happen, I end up playing these in my head over and over again!  What do we do doing during times like these? When battling anxiety and fear seem to go hand in hand.  Although its hard I try to remember that God didn't call me to live like this, we where called to live joyously. The devil doesn't play fair and one of his tactics is to use your thoughts and fears against you. In those moments it's important to cling to scripture. Even when adulting is hard, life is hard and things are falling apart around you it is important the remember Gods Promises.