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Being Stuck In a Season- Part One

Are you stuck in a season of your life you are not happy in? We get so used to a certain season in our lives that we are afraid to jump to something new. We are so scared of jumping and falling, failure isn't final because we can just get back up again after we fall! We forget that we can do all things through Christ. We forget to stop comparing ourselves to others, we forget to water our own grass while looking at someone else very green grass. We forget to remember that their grass could be fake! The things we compare end up growing roots of bitterness, hate, unforgiveness, and evil. Rather than looking at how green someone else's grass is,  try water yours. How do you do that? Read your bible, pray, listening to worship music, and anything that will make you feel like you are getting closer to God. What you put in your soul will be what comes out of it, your thoughts and your words.

His grace is sufficient for his power is made perfect in weakness; when I am weak, then I am strong. -2 Corinthians 12:9

I think that we have all had moments of our lives that feel like we are stuck, but now you (myself included) need to shift your mindset and realize now is the time to become "unstuck". I think of a huge elephant that can lift thousands of pounds but stuck to a tree by a tiny rope. Are you the same way in your life? Are you stuck to the tree buy a string because of things someone has said about you, all of the "haters" getting to you? Are you stuck because you are scared to change? Whatever it is that is keeping you "stuck" its time to move on. Forgiveness, Grace, and Mercy are waiting on the other side.

I know that I have been there before, many times. I was scared to start this blog because of all of the people that might hate me. I was afraid that people would start talking about me. I have learned this year that you can't live in fear, Jesus sets us all free. If I could just reach one person and give them hope, then I have accomplished my ultimate goal. The thing is with slander is it does not affect how Jesus sees you,  ignore the social media post that you know is about you, look over the stares in public. Jesus also sees the hearts of those people, they may praise him in public but they aren't praising him in private. Something to remember is that most people aren't going to look down on you based on what they hear, they are only going start doubting the person that is talking badly about you. A lot of people forget that slander and gossip is a sin, but they are so caught up in worldly things that they make excuses to make it acceptable.

Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with a simple babbler- Proverbs 20:19
Unfortunately, setbacks are a real fact in life, we will get knocked down but its all in how we get back up that matters. Cling to Gods promise to help you get up. Don't be like an elephant who is tied to the tree, break free because our God is a god of supernatural power! Let the lies drop off of you,   no matter what they are! You are not the same person anymore, let your frustrations go. Let all of the labels go, let them drop off of you! Remember if you feel like you are being stomped on, that you are a seed. You are just being planted and will be ready to bloom before too long. We all face rejection, but that doesn't mean we need to stop loving. I think that along the way we all run into friends that use what they know about us to hurt us, but then we have to realize that's not a friend at all. We have to separate ourselves from that kind of negativity in our lives. God will never tell you to plot against someone, he will never promote someone that is trying to demote others while trying to promote themselves.

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.- Genesis 50:20

My prayer for you today is that you will be equipped to fight all of these battles in gods word, to let all of these horrible thoughts fall off of you. I pray that today will be the turning point in your life because you are worth it!  This blog was just something that was put on my heart to write, I hope that it will help you too. Pray for everyone that means you harm, pray that the Lord will touch their hearts. If you are stuck in a season of gossip, please pray that God will touch your heart because we are all a Child of God. No one deserves to be bullied.


  1. Every body has some life events or bad phases where they are stuck up for many years. You have explained everything so neatly and in clear manner.
    Really liked your post.

  2. Thanks for sharing so honestly. I get where you're coming from with comparing myself to others. That's a big issue for me, which is why I've written a lot on that subject recently. I also completely relate to being stuck in a season of wilderness and not feeling like I'm moving forward. It's in those times when I see others progress that it's easy to fall back into those old patterns of comparison and wondering why God doesn't seem to be working in my own life. I have to remind myself to hold to his truth in those periods.


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