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Back to School Tips & Tricks

Wow! This year he flew by! It’s already back to school time! Did you have a good summer? 
If you are like me you have more then one child to get ready in the mornings. How do you manage? 

This year I am trying to organize my chaos! Oh boy, do I have chaos with three young daughters! 

Tip 1- I am going to create a “homework” station! I will get a small tote and place different items in it! That way when it’s time for homework they will have pencils, extra paper, pencil sharpener, crayons & a pen to sign the papers for the teachers! 

I need my chaos a little more organized with two children in school! I'm trying to get my house back in order for a fun-filled summer so, packing lunches & getting ready for school is a little less crazy! 

Tip 2- freeze the juice pouches (kool-aid, Capri sun, etc) to use as an ice pack! It will be unthawed by lunchtime & still cold! It will keep everything else nice & fresh! 

They have been going to bed about an hour past normal bedtime during the summer! A bedtime is super important, keeping a schedule is super important! We start the process at 7:30 pm to get them ready for bed at 8:30 because we all know bedtime makes kids the thirstiest! 

Tip 3- A bedtime schedule is a must! Even if the sun is still out! 

Routine is super important! My girls & myself don’t function as well when we stray off of our routine! We are feeling the effects of that now because we had a hectic summer where my husband was home! 

Tip 4-For all the moms! Use a time block daily planner! It really helps with a routine! (Unless you are like me and forget about it during summer). It will also be helpful to keep up with when assignments are due! 

Learn from my chaos, always lay clothes out for the next morning! Especially with girls, let them choose what they are going to wear the night before to save time! 

Tip 5 - Get clothes together the night before or a couple of days ahead of time set out a few to choose from. 

Tip 6- plan time for your kids to eat breakfast. Whether it’s at home or school, make sure kids have enough time to eat! Make sure you have easy to reach breakfast or their school lunch account paid up to save time!! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

At the end of the week during flu season make sure everything is good and clean! You don’t want to bring sickness and germs home to make other family members sick! 

Tip 7- Wash book bags & lunch boxes regularly, I wash them weekly during flu season. I spray with Lysol daily! 

Tip 8- Make time for prayer each day, talking to your children about what’s going on in school, talk about the next day, what they learned and anything else that may be bothering them! Connect after school during dinner or another set-aside time. Your child may be getting older but they still crave connection with you! 

Moat important have fun! They are only little once! Enjoy the new school year & remember the chaos can at least be organized! 


  1. Oh, goodness, yes, washing out those lunch boxes! My #3 big boy worked at a cement plant this summer, and there were days when I wanted to take his lunch box outside and HOSE IT DOWN!

    1. Oh my Goodness! Yes I agree! My husband previously worked in the mines and his lunch box was nasty!!


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