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Meaning of Barefoot In Grace

Barefoot - Bare and raw flesh standing in transparency before God In - Surrounded and enclosed  Grace- the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.
When I think of being Barefoot in Grace, I think of being in front of Jesus with all of my flaws, stripped down to show my true self. Uncovering my heart & giving it to Jesus because he loves me just the way I am.  Being stripped down of everything that was a part of you, things that you held so close to your heart. Maybe things you have prayed for but the answer was what you THOUGHT wasn't in your favor but actually, after making it through that valley, it was BETTER. It's about being stripped of all things flesh and standing bare(foot) and undeserving of God's grace, mercy, and love. 
Its a hard process of digging deep into your soul and looking into your heart revealing parts of yourself that you need to work on, to strip down and let Gods Love and Grace f…
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Praying with Jane

Title: Praying with Jane                                                                                  Author: Rachel DodgeGenre: Devotional Publisher: Bethany House Publishers Release Date: October 2, 2018
Daily Encouragement for Your Soul through the Prayers of Jane Austen For more than two hundred years, Jane Austen and her novels have charmed readers from around the world. While much has been written about her fascinating life, less is known about Jane’s spiritual side. In this beautiful 31-day devotional, Miss Austen’s faith comes to life through her exquisite prayers, touching biographical anecdotes, and illuminating scenes from her novels. Each reading also includes a thematically appropriate Scripture and a prayer inspired by Jane’s petitions. May this journey into Jane Austen’s life of faith and prayer ignite and deepen your own relationship with the Father who loves you.
Excerpt from Praying With Jane:“Give us a thankful sense of the Blessings in which we live, of the many co…

Looking Forward to the Future

Last year when I started this blog I have big dreams and high hopes of where I wanted to grow this blog. I have taken some time to refocus and recharge, all while praying about the direction I want this to go with Barefoot In Grace. I have had to take some time to stop and give myself grace, focus on myself and family. I have taken some time to truly live because I got caught up in all of the normal everyday things that I forgot to breathe. I was stuck in this cycle of just trying to get by. 

February Book Review

February Book Reviews Taste and See by Margaret Feinberg Illuminated Bible Art Journaling Edition by Crossway Made for This 40 Days to living your purpose Jennie Allen
The Bright Lift - Jen Wise

January Book Reviews

God, I know you're thereby Bonnie Rickner Jensen
I love this book! The little girl with the big bright eyes looking up caught my eye as soon as I saw it! This is a brilliant way to teach your children about the presence of God! The book is the perfect size for little hands and my three-year-old absolutely loves it!  The pages are perfect thickness for being a board book, not to thick but make little ones feel like they are reading a real page book! I love how she explains how to feel God is there, my favorite page was the first page that explains that you can feel him in the wind! From snowflakes to thunderstorms everything is explained perfectly in this bright colored book! The illustrations are amazingly detailed and well thought out! Making this the perfect book for little ones all around! I received this book from the publisher but all thoughts are my own!